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Welcome to our about us page.

Theinstanews is a website about office chairs. Here you will get best office chair recommendations from amazon. The main motive from this is to earn some affiliate commission if you buy something from our link. This website is totally based on amazon affiliate.

News Content

News Content on this website is not self made. We use other top website rss feed to post news on our site. None of the content is created by self efforts. If you want to read news from original websites then there is an option available is the down section of every post. Simply click on Source Link option & you will be redirected to original website.

Adsense Ads

Also another third party ad network is linked with buysite.in Mainly our website uses google adsense as well as amazon affiliate products as well as rss feed auto news.

Traffic On This Website

We bring traffic on this website by social media. We have facebook page, Linkedin, tumbler & twitter. Maximum traffic come with the help of social media. I hope you too are here because of social media.

About Myself

I’m Hiralal the owner of theinstanews.in website. This is a auto Amazon article posting website, where you’ll get office chair related content. I hope you like my efforts.

Contact Details

E-Mail – theinstanews.com@gmail.com

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